Defiant French have been returning to the streets and posting images on social media ... we're doing the same

Parisians have adopted your hashtag #JeSuisEnTerrasse -- which in turn translates for you to "I am on the terrace" -- to make the public declaration they refuse for you to resign his or her means of life.

Always devoted traveling in France, we originally printed this gallery involving gorgeous France journey destinations back inside July in order to commemorate Bastille Day.

We looked over it once again this week with the same feeling of awe as well as inspiration the French tend to be recapturing this week and also made your decision there was zero far better time and also power to share it again.

The food, the actual art, your architecture, the actual French method of life, the actual incredible spots -- all of it captivates us.

There are, of course, many more factors than we can probably include, but we'll allow the images above continue the actual conversation.


There's reasons practically 85 million travelers a year vote using their passports to create this country your world's most popular destination.

Actually, there are many reasons

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